EMF Protection can be given by a variety of sources. A few of these sources are mentioned here. One type of EMF Protection is by absorption. This includes materials used in materials like earrings, eyeglasses, cell phones and computers. When absorbed in these materials, EMF is produced within the material.
There are three kinds of EMF Protection devices currently available: Blushield, Earthing, and Blushield Plus. There are also five categories of EMF Protection devices for use at home: The Tesla Plugin, Tesla Cube, Tesla Ultra, Blushield Plus and Blushield. These are all different models of EMF Protection products for the home. All of these protect the body from EMF radiation.
The Blushield is a device which produces negative ions. Negative ion therapy produces healthy Qi that flows through the body. The Blushield is constructed with a stainless steel mesh which is charged electrically. There are two different frequencies produced by the Blushield; a thirty foot EMF frequency and a one foot EMF frequency.